Happy Birthday, Audrey Mae Cat!

Our Audrey Mae is 9!

As parents, our girls’ birthdays are always bittersweet.  We’re so glad to see them grow and for their development to continue to improve, but oh man, those birthdays kinda rub it in your face:  your babies are not babies anymore.

Audrey is 9 and reading.  And growing.  And getting stronger.  And she yearns for more and more independence.  When situations arise where Daniel and I intervene and make decisions for her or assist her in making a good choice, she will ask if when she grows up she will get to make that choice for herself.  Yes, sweet girl, and we pray that your choices bring you joy and bring you closer to Jesus.

Audrey is so kind, so smart, so lovely.  I think her biggest accomplishment this year is learning to read.  She is so proud of this new skill and, I think, cognizant of how much reading is going to change her life.

Audrey has a ready smile and the best laugh.  From the very beginning of us being a family of four, I have told the girls to cherish one another-that sister is one of the most beautiful words we have.  Even though we adopted out of birth order, the girls are reveling in sisterhood.  Just last week Audrey confided that she’s so thankful to have a sister who is funny.  This may have been that time when they were blowing methane bubbles in the bathtub and laughing hysterically 😉

Happy Birthday, Audrey Mae!  We love you so much!



(that’s a quickly dwindling bowl of biscuits and gravy, Audrey’s favorite;)


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