Just, wow.

We’ve been so busy!

Audrey’s right foot, which had such a rough post-op recovery has started to (finally) make some gains!  Her range of motion (ROM) has improved so much that we had to schedule a visit to see the orthotist to adjust her ankle-foot-orthotic (AFO).


Which was no problem because the girls love to see Mr. Darrin at Hanger Orthotics.  Eva says he’s “sweet and kind.”


Shortly after that Audrey rode a bike for the first time!



She ABSOLUTELY loved it!

FullSizeRender 8

Eva read a book for the first time!  She followed in her sister’s footsteps and read Green Eggs and Ham.  All those years of practicing turning book pages has paid off!  Eva can use her arms to turn the pages and can read the story all by herself.  This is a good place to be, my friends.



On Memorial Day we drove out to Terra Studios and enjoyed watching glass blowing.


The girls had a sweaty good time!


Last week, we did something totally new.  We took an unprecedented week off of therapy and went to sewing camp.  We went to Lonesome Pine Quilts.  Guys, this place is fabulous.  The owner, Ms. Judy, is kind and patient and runs a tight ship.  The shop is super, super cute and full of great fabrics and notions.  There were five homeschooled girls in the class and Eva and another little sister were free to play together the whole time!

FullSizeRender 4

Audrey took her lessons very seriously and did a great job.





We rigged things up to suit Audrey’s needs and she had SO much fun!



She really enjoyed the class, the company of sweet girls, and especially her projects.  This is the beach bag that she made.  The smile says it all.


For your viewing pleasure, here are pictures of our dogs and their new haircuts.


And this is a toilet seat.  I’m sharing this because I think it’s phenomenal for families with littles who need a potty seat AND also want their guests to have a nice, hygienic experience in the WC.  We bought it this weekend and it’s safe and handy for the girls, which is our priority…but it’s also so much nicer to simply lift the inner lid rather than lifting a definitely used potty seat and setting it somewhere while you go and then putting it back on.  Win win.

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 10.48.01 AM

Finally, just this morning, Eva’s very own Grillo came in!  The loaner has been a God-send, truly, but this one is a custom fit for our Little Miss and so fabulous!

New things can be scary, and some tears were shed.  But we are all so happy for Eva and her new walker!


Audrey watches on, biting her lip.  She’s very empathetic towards her sister.


After the tears there were joy laughs.



And some Big Girl walking!



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