What’s been going on at Dabney Creek Farm?

Shiitake harvests.  30# in one week.


Dabney Creek Farm’s debut at the Rogers Farmers’ Market.

FullSizeRender 18

Fringe benefits of farming mushrooms.


Bathtub beards.

FullSizeRender 19FullSizeRender 20

Large art projects.

FullSizeRender 17

Land-moored boat cleanup.

IMG_5198Flower walks.


Beautiful weather and some good rains.

FullSizeRender 16

Good stuff.


Botox #2

The girls had their second Botox procedure for the year.  It went really well.  We’re so thankful for the girls’ providers.

Audrey and Eva are making great gains and take all these appointments in stride.  Even if we occasionally have to wake up at 4:30…at least the view is nice.  The girls were so sleepy that morning, but they kept on saying, “It’s pretty out the left side!  And the right!”


They rehearse a lot of medical stuff during their play.  Here Eva is examining this truck and her findings reveal that he needs Botox-due to “tight wheels.”  I kid you not.




The girls’ joints already have noticeable gains, especially in Audrey’s elbows, but we don’t expect the full extent of their gains to  manifest until six weeks post-op.

When we arrived home, that Sibby cat was so happy to see us that she decided to not be introverted.  For about five minutes anyway.



The Flower Girls that Could

My girls work hard in therapy.  Everybody has their bad days, sure, but theirs are truly rare.  They are simply wonderful girls.  They attend therapy three times weekly between two and three hours.  This is -e v e r y- week for the foreseeable future.  That’s a lot of work.  But these last few months they have had a special goal that has motivated them to work very, very hard.  You see, these girls have been training to be flower girls in Sister Middle’s wedding.  This training has been a cross between training for the Olympics and preparing to be in a Miss America pageant.  It’s been a big deal.

And all those months of work paid off.  Last weekend, the girls were Flower Girls.  They were so fantastic.

The Grillo was rigged up for the task.


Nails were painted.



I’m posting a link to their Rehearsal aisle walking.  Please, please take some time and enjoy this.  The Flower Girls that Could Part I  The Flower Girls that Could Part II

And here are the girls in their lovely flower girl garb.


I was attending the girls, but I hear that Eva smiled radiantly the whole time.  She was so thrilled to be walking down the aisle as a flower girl!  And Audrey took her task of petal tossing so seriously!  She is usually our girl who smiles ALL the time, so this was a new facet of Audrey to appreciate.  She told me that she was thinking so much about walking and tossing petals that she didn’t look up to smile at all the people in the church.  She told me she was a shy girl.  I told her not to worry at all; she did a wonderful job and it’s okay to be shy.  Many, many guests at the wedding complimented the girls on their flower girling accomplishments.  It was a very sweet time for us all.

The wedding itself, and the Bride, Groom, and wedding party were all so, so lovely, but that’s not my wedding to talk about so you’ll just have to take my word for it.  Congratulations to the newly wedded couple!  May God bless your marriage with grace, love, and peace!  Thank you for letting us share in your joy.20170722_172701

Happy 8th Birthday, Evalena Claire Claire!

Eva is 8 years old. We’ve reached the point where she’s now been home with us longer than the time she spent in her orphanage.  That’s a good feeling.

Eva’s name, Evalena Claire, means “a bright life.”  She is true to her name.

Eva is kind, intelligent, beautifully made in the image of the living God. She loves fiercely.

Eva is thrilled to be reading and loves to practice walking.  Her developmental gains have come with great investment.  Eva delights in her successes, yet adamantly refuses to give up her role as our baby.

Happy Birthday, to Evalena Claire who is a big girl but still our baby.  You are a joy.

After her party which featured french onion soup with Not Beef Broth and goat cheese (at her insistent request), birthday gifts, and chocolate covered strawberries, we obviously had to have a coffee date.

Just, wow.

We’ve been so busy!

Audrey’s right foot, which had such a rough post-op recovery has started to (finally) make some gains!  Her range of motion (ROM) has improved so much that we had to schedule a visit to see the orthotist to adjust her ankle-foot-orthotic (AFO).


Which was no problem because the girls love to see Mr. Darrin at Hanger Orthotics.  Eva says he’s “sweet and kind.”


Shortly after that Audrey rode a bike for the first time!



She ABSOLUTELY loved it!

FullSizeRender 8

Eva read a book for the first time!  She followed in her sister’s footsteps and read Green Eggs and Ham.  All those years of practicing turning book pages has paid off!  Eva can use her arms to turn the pages and can read the story all by herself.  This is a good place to be, my friends.



On Memorial Day we drove out to Terra Studios and enjoyed watching glass blowing.


The girls had a sweaty good time!


Last week, we did something totally new.  We took an unprecedented week off of therapy and went to sewing camp.  We went to Lonesome Pine Quilts.  Guys, this place is fabulous.  The owner, Ms. Judy, is kind and patient and runs a tight ship.  The shop is super, super cute and full of great fabrics and notions.  There were five homeschooled girls in the class and Eva and another little sister were free to play together the whole time!

FullSizeRender 4

Audrey took her lessons very seriously and did a great job.





We rigged things up to suit Audrey’s needs and she had SO much fun!



She really enjoyed the class, the company of sweet girls, and especially her projects.  This is the beach bag that she made.  The smile says it all.


For your viewing pleasure, here are pictures of our dogs and their new haircuts.


And this is a toilet seat.  I’m sharing this because I think it’s phenomenal for families with littles who need a potty seat AND also want their guests to have a nice, hygienic experience in the WC.  We bought it this weekend and it’s safe and handy for the girls, which is our priority…but it’s also so much nicer to simply lift the inner lid rather than lifting a definitely used potty seat and setting it somewhere while you go and then putting it back on.  Win win.

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 10.48.01 AM

Finally, just this morning, Eva’s very own Grillo came in!  The loaner has been a God-send, truly, but this one is a custom fit for our Little Miss and so fabulous!

New things can be scary, and some tears were shed.  But we are all so happy for Eva and her new walker!


Audrey watches on, biting her lip.  She’s very empathetic towards her sister.


After the tears there were joy laughs.



And some Big Girl walking!