A Picture Story

We married in 2007.
We live in Northwest Arkansas where it’s beautiful.
We invested in a large fixer-upper near the University.
And we got to work on that Old House.
In the midst of all this, we learned that despite our shared Christian values, we were making a mess of our marriage.  So we got counseling, through the Joshua Center, and God used it to heal our marriage.
On the cusp our our marriage healing, God surprised us and led us to adopt our Little Miss.
Abby met our daughter first in 2010 and then saw her again in 2011 in an orphanage during a mission trip.
After mountains of paperwork, we flew to Eastern Europe to get our girl!
Daniel met our daughter, Eva for the first time.
 Abby and Eva rekindled their acquaintance-ship.
And we visited our daughter twice a day and practiced being a family.
Some days were harder than others.
So we just kept practicing.
 And practicing.
 And it got easier.
 And it easier.

And our girl blossomed.

And then it was time to leave the orphanage.

So Eva was bundled appropriately.
And we left.
And it was time for Eva’s first real bath and first sleep in a real (hotel) bed.
 And we arrived in the states, as a family, Christmas Day 2012.
 And since then we’ve been growing in trust and in love.
 Life isn’t always a bed of roses.
 But life is good.
 And really, growing in trust and love is a process.
We’re in this for the long-haul.
And we’re finding that adoption is full of surprising joys.
So we sold our Old House to fund our next adoption.
And while we were praying and asking God to lead us, we received an email with a picture of “Mae.”  
So we pursued that gal through through a jungle of paperwork from June 2014 to June 2015-while concurrently building an accessible homeimage
and we became a family of four June 2, 2015.
Our girls are delightful.
And we are swimming in rivers of grace.

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