The low down:

I don’t think that anything can adequately prepare your mind for adoption.  I have said before that adoption is full of surprising joys.  And it is.  It’s also the most difficult endeavor that Daniel and I have ever undertaken.  The good news is that there are excellent educational resources to help prepare your family.  Furthermore, during the process you will acquire your very own social worker who, if he/she is anything like ours is, will likely be a wellspring of knowledge and support.  AND, adoption is becoming so prevalent that there are likely other families near you or an organization near you that will understand your unique support needs and help you obtain the support you need whether it’s specialized respite care or a coffee date.

On the more practical side there are of course the time and monetary costs.  Be prepared for approximately a year of rushed paperwork, waiting on said paperwork to be processed, and then waiting to get a green light.  The internet will tell you that international adoptions cost around $32,000.00, and we found that to be true for our adoptions from Ukraine and China.  There are more than likely local NPOs that offer grants in your area and there are also national foundations such as Show Hope.

Adoption and us:

We never planned on adopting and it wasn’t our last resort, either…You can read about how adoption became our first choice.

Eva’s adoption story

Audrey’s adoption story


How our view of ourselves and adoption changed

And I can’t really talk about adoption without some links about Karyn Purvis and cocooning:

Attachment Monster

Explanation Part I

Explanation Part II


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