Food, glorious food

Food is a big deal for us.  With both of our gals having AMC which encompasses low muscle tone and joint inflammation, eating good foods is essential to our daily lives.
We see a specialist who advised us eat good proteins, very minimal simple carbs (if any at all), good oils and fats, and lots of non-starchy vegetables.  He warned us of the negative effects extra weight can have on mobility and joint health.  We’re trying to stick to the specialist’s advice so that our girls can have a lot of energy and protein to build muscle mass.
Ideally, we would follow a more paleo or ketogenic diet, but life gets in the way and restaurants happen.  Here are some great information sources regarding diet and inflammation:
harvard food
These are the foods we eat lots of.
Which means that our diets have basically no refined sugar but I use stevia ALL the time.  And I only use Sweetleaf brand because I have found that it doesn’t have a funny aftertaste.

We also omit beef, pork, dairy milk, lamb, and wheat from our meals as I have alpha-gal food allergies to mammalian products which yields airway narrowing and restriction.  And actually, omitting beef, dairy, and wheat is handy, as those are common allergens and inflammatory agents.
Basically everything we eat is from a whole food.  I even make my own sauces most of the time.  Which is why we invested in Vitamix after I blew through two different “top of the line” blenders.


So, aside from caffeine, we’re pretty granola about food around here.  And that works for us, for now.

In fact, it’s been working so well that it’s significantly decreased the bursitis in Audrey’s knees.

Here are a few pictures from her “baby book” from her orphanage, showing significant bursitis in both knees, especially her left.  This photo almost does it justice.  The bursitis was very bulbous and a physician visiting the orphanage actually recommended that she no longer knee walk due to the significant inflammation.


And now her knees look great.  They have some calluses from knee-walking, but little or no inflammation.


In the photo below, you can see the wrinkles that are left on her knee from her skin that was stretched tautly over the bursa and has now sort of deflated.


This diet business can definitely be a challenge.  Over the last five years I have compiled some go-to recipes, which I hope to share once I figure out a good template.


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