Dabney House

God is our provider and we’re so thankful for the way He takes care of us.

This last spring, we were in a unique situation where we were in a position to build a home on a small piece of land on our friends’ farm along the White River and Dabney Creek.

Right about here.


On this river.

photo 1

This delightful piece of land had a 26’x52′ slab on it that was in really good condition-after it was cleaned.  So we built on the slab; no adding, no taking away.

One might see this rectangular slab as a challenge in designing a house, but that wasn’t the case.  Through the help of a talented designer, we were able to create a two story plan that provides plenty of room to grow our family and to host guests.  This design was perfect for our setting, our budget, our needs, and our tastes.

The first floor has accessible, open living areas, the master suite, and an accessible bedroom and bathroom for our girls.
The second floor has a guest bathroom, two guest rooms on each end, and a long bunk area connecting the two rooms.


As in many cases, our house design changed some as we progressed with building.  Many of the changes were value engineering strategies to help us stay on budget and some were simply necessary adjustments during the building process.

We’re so thankful for God providing us with friends who are so kind and a contractor and subcontractors who provided us with quality work and materials and fair prices.  If I told you all the ways God provided for us in the building of this house, you just wouldn’t believe me.  Our home is a wonderful dwelling for us and by making adjustments to adhere to our budget, we can enjoy a relaxed lifestyle out here in the country.

The low down.

The upstairs is about 50′ long so skylights were added over the bunk area to provide some natural light.  We love our skylights.  During the day, we never have to turn on the lights because there is so much natural light.

The wood floors are from Lumber Liquidators.  They’re in all the living areas and kitchen too.


It’s New England White Pine, which is basically their most economical option in solid wood.  The feel of real wood on bare feet is magical and anything else is just not as sweet:

Shel agrees.

The tile is from Home Depot.  Metro Gris.

The real beauty of the flooring combination is that ALL of our thresholds are flush.  No lips nowhere.  That’s a beautiful thing for a rolling stander, a wheelchair, a walker, and well, you get the idea.


Nearly all of our kitchen was purchased from Ikea.  Only the lights and the refrigerator came from other sources. They have a handy 3D design program for their cabinetry.  I love/hate their 3D designer.

The design.

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 3.49.59 PM

The kitchen.

Besides some floating shelves, this area is complete.  We intentionally left the rafters exposed and we’ve enjoyed having the industrial look and open space it provides.


Living Room

The living room is a casual family space.


I drew out a design for bookshelves on a scrap pieces of paper and my magician husband made it come to life.


Dining Room

Wood stove.


Table from that one time Baby Gap had a going out of business sale.


And we’ve since acquired adult chairs which Audrey is modeling here.



Guest Rooms

Our guest rooms are mirror images of each other.  We technically built into our attic area so the rooms have high ceilings.


Master Suite

Our vanity is a repurposed dresser we bought at Habitat Restore. Daniel revamped the drawers by adding gliding hardware.


This is my beloved Hog Trough Bathtub for the Ages.  This bathtub was on the farm being used as a hog trough and we rescued it.  Daniel recoated the inside and we chose to use cedar blocks instead of feet.  Love this tub.


Here’s our updated window dressing.  My mom found this guy at a flea market in Mena, AR. A perfect fit!


Our room is pretty simple, basically a bed and two closets.



The Girls’ Room

It’s pretty basic, too.




2 Replies to “Dabney House”

  1. Did Daniel build your master bedroom platform bed, too? Looks cool and functional. Someday your house is going to be featured in an AR home magazine for its unique craftsmanship.


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