Fall Family Pictures!

Here are our 2018 Fall Family photos.  TEAMworks provides our pictures every year.  If not for them, we would have no pictures with the four of us together!  This is the best fundraiser ever.  Win-win win win win win win win.  We love it.  And, if you scroll all the way through, the outtakes are at the bottom.  You know, those pictures that are messed up because somebody is doing something awkward like rolling her eyes, or weird face talking, or wiping someone’s face, or laughing instead of smiling.  So irritating;)

















Like Pulling Teeth

Sometimes taking the time to blog is like pulling teeth.  And sometimes I wonder when we’ll reach that sweet spot in life when we’re no longer so busy…It might be a while.

In the meantime, here’s a quick and dirty update:

It’s Fall and we’re happy about it.

FullSizeRender 2

We squeezed in some lunchtime fun with Daniel.  The girls were super stoked.


Audrey pulled her tooth during nap time and we celebrated the usual way: a tea party


Daniel hooked me up for my 33rd!


The girls had a great, great, great dental cleaning at ACH and Eva had a mold made of her teeth so she can get a custom appliance to help grow her little mandible.


And that’s it.

Botox #2

The girls had their second Botox procedure for the year.  It went really well.  We’re so thankful for the girls’ providers.

Audrey and Eva are making great gains and take all these appointments in stride.  Even if we occasionally have to wake up at 4:30…at least the view is nice.  The girls were so sleepy that morning, but they kept on saying, “It’s pretty out the left side!  And the right!”


They rehearse a lot of medical stuff during their play.  Here Eva is examining this truck and her findings reveal that he needs Botox-due to “tight wheels.”  I kid you not.




The girls’ joints already have noticeable gains, especially in Audrey’s elbows, but we don’t expect the full extent of their gains to  manifest until six weeks post-op.

When we arrived home, that Sibby cat was so happy to see us that she decided to not be introverted.  For about five minutes anyway.



The Flower Girls that Could

My girls work hard in therapy.  Everybody has their bad days, sure, but theirs are truly rare.  They are simply wonderful girls.  They attend therapy three times weekly between two and three hours.  This is -e v e r y- week for the foreseeable future.  That’s a lot of work.  But these last few months they have had a special goal that has motivated them to work very, very hard.  You see, these girls have been training to be flower girls in Sister Middle’s wedding.  This training has been a cross between training for the Olympics and preparing to be in a Miss America pageant.  It’s been a big deal.

And all those months of work paid off.  Last weekend, the girls were Flower Girls.  They were so fantastic.

The Grillo was rigged up for the task.


Nails were painted.



I’m posting a link to their Rehearsal aisle walking.  Please, please take some time and enjoy this.  The Flower Girls that Could Part I  The Flower Girls that Could Part II

And here are the girls in their lovely flower girl garb.


I was attending the girls, but I hear that Eva smiled radiantly the whole time.  She was so thrilled to be walking down the aisle as a flower girl!  And Audrey took her task of petal tossing so seriously!  She is usually our girl who smiles ALL the time, so this was a new facet of Audrey to appreciate.  She told me that she was thinking so much about walking and tossing petals that she didn’t look up to smile at all the people in the church.  She told me she was a shy girl.  I told her not to worry at all; she did a wonderful job and it’s okay to be shy.  Many, many guests at the wedding complimented the girls on their flower girling accomplishments.  It was a very sweet time for us all.

The wedding itself, and the Bride, Groom, and wedding party were all so, so lovely, but that’s not my wedding to talk about so you’ll just have to take my word for it.  Congratulations to the newly wedded couple!  May God bless your marriage with grace, love, and peace!  Thank you for letting us share in your joy.20170722_172701