Evalena Claire Claire is 10!

Eva is 10!

Her birthday was a therapy day and wouldn’t you know her peers and therapists serenaded her with a birthday song:)

We celebrated with lunch at Rolando’s, biscuits and gravy for dinner upon request, chocolate covered strawberries, cards, and presents.

Wiederkehr Birthday Waco Extravaganza

Last month we went on a little off-road excursion that landed us in Arkansas wine country so we took the girls to Wiederkehr Village for dinner.  The girls loved the ambience and the food was wonderful.  Better than I remembered. I highly recommend it if you’re in the area even though it’s not accessible.



And then Audrey turned 11!!!  

So we watched The Avengers: Endgame.  So good.  We all loved it.  We laughed.  I confess I cried.


We had lunch at Audrey’s favorite restaurant, Rolando’s.


Her Aunt Rachel and Uncle Sam got her a Pride and Prejudice coloring book, which Audrey absolutely loved 🙂


And then we had some birthday festivities at home!  Audrey wanted homemade pizza for dinner and chocolate covered strawberries.


Also, Daniel got a nice camera.  So he’s the paparazzi and I’m so glad.  We would have missed this gem:


And then….we traveled to Waco by way of Daniel’s parents in Fort Worth.  We met up with my parents and youngest sister.  The girls got to see the Silos and LOVED shopping at the Magnolia store.  They are huge Chip and Jo fans.


After a wild fun-filled weekend, they told us that their favorite part was getting #demoday tees.  Thanks Babba Adria and Dedu 😉


Pure joy.


After our Silo tour we went to the Waco Mammoth National Monument and saw a live dig site full of mammoth bones.

photo cred


…At which point we decided we’d had enough fun so we went home. Phew.

A long time coming

Eva has a wheelchair!  After six years of being carried every day, this is a huge change.  The timing is perfect.  She’s ready.  We’re ready.

Our team (Children’s Therapy TEAM and Action Seating and Mobility) collaborated to come up with a beautiful fit for Eva.


Eva chose blue for her chair accents.  Of course.


The planning that went into designing these leg rests and foot plates was exhausting.  Unlike most of us, Eva’s knees have very limited bending (flexion). After meeting Eva and hearing out our concerns, Action custom made the leg rests and the fit is PERFECT.


Our biggest concern is Eva’s safety.  We want her legs to be protected.  Our group brainstormed and determined that custom plates would be needed to protect Eva’s legs from bumps.

Action Seating had the plates made and custom cut them and added padding.


The end result is nicely protected legs.


We are so thankful!

We celebrated at Rolando’s, our favorite spot.




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